Christmas Reflection

Christmas-christmas-32793663-1280-800     What a great Christmas! We were home from Christmas Eve Services by about 12:30AM. (Note- AM. As in 30 minutes after midnight, or 30 minutes INTO Christmas Day!) We set an all-time attendance record on Christmas Eve and had two GREAT services. 

We went to bed rather quickly. My wife got up at about 7:30AM yesterday morning to get the egg casserole going. She let me sleep, bless her heart. I got up at 9AM and finished wrapping presents. She picked up her mom about 10AM so that we could have brunch. The boys got up and we ate- egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, chocolate bread and blueberry muffins. It was a feast! 

We then spent some time opening presents. That was such a joy! Then my wife’s mom was ready to go back home, so we ran here home. The rest of the afternoon was spent vegetating, talking and looking at presents! 

We have a LOT of food in the house, so we decided that dinner would be “go in when you are hungry and pick something to eat”! I had a bowl of the white-bean chicken chili my wife made especially for me! It is AWESOME. Once everybody had their food ready, we settled in for what has become a Christmas tradition at our house- watching Die Hard with Bruce Willis! (Hey- don’t judge- it IS, after all, a Christmas movie!)  The rest of the evening was quiet.  

After the “busy-ness” of the Christmas season, I love having a day that is laid back, fun and not schedule-driven. I love a day that I can spend with my family. I love the exchange of gifts. And I love observing the true meaning of the day! 

I pray you had a great day yesterday. I pray you got to spend some time with people you love. I pray that you had a joyous day. And I pray that the impact of a Baby in a manger Who came to split time in half and change our lives was not lost on you. On this day after Christmas, one last time for the season- Merry Christmas! 

We continue to focus on the glass being half-full. We continue to embrace each day with grateful thanksgiving. #TheGlovedAvenger #TeamHarris #WarriorOn! #Huzzah! We greatly appreciate your prayers, love and support. Check back regularly or simply subscribe to receive an email every time there is a new post. Thanks for stopping by- I pray you have a blessed day. Please make sure and come back again tomorrow, and stick with Jesus!

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