Friday, March 28- Random Thoughts About the Passion of Jesus

     The Bible Study my wife and I are
currently leading on Tuesdays at 9AM and 1:30PM and Wednesdays at 6PM is called
The Easter Experience. It features a weekly 20-minute video that offers a very
well done “mini movie” focusing on the events that lead to the cross and the
empty tomb.

     This week’s lesson centered on the arrest
and beating that Jesus experienced prior to the Crucifixion. The scene of Jesus
being chained to a post and whipped was brutal…to say the least. As it was
depicted in this version, He was beaten by 3 Roman soldiers, each brandishing a
cat-o-nine tails, complete with bits of rock and bone 
embedded in the “tails”
to ensure maximum damage. They didn’t whip Him 39 times. They whipped Him…until
they got tired. Then they jammed a crown of thorns down on His head, ripped the
flesh as it went. Once that was in place, they knocked Him to the ground and
set on Him like a pack of wild dogs, kicking and punching.

     When the carnage was over and the “players”
in the story had all gone, what was left…was the blood. And it was everywhere.
Dripping. Pooling. Running. And as graphic as that scene was, it looked like a
Disney flick compared to the gut-wrenching horror of the Mel Gibson movie The
Passion of the Christ.  And those…horrific
scenes beg the question, “Why?”

     Why is it necessary to show such graphic
violence in a “Christian” movie? If thee violence was in a movie about “cops
and robbers”, most Christians probably 
wouldn’t go and see it. And rightfully
so. So why is either of these movies any different?

     They are different because of the subject
matter. They are different because they 
AREN’T about fictitious good guys and
bad guys. They are different because they are not real stories. They are
different because they aren’t for any purpose but entertainment.

     The story of the Passion of Jesus, on
quite the other hand, is a REAL story, and the depiction of those events are
NOT intended for mere entertainment. The purpose of the graphic violence is to
help us better understand and appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made…for us. Is He
fully God? Absolutely! But is He ALSO fully man? You bet! And it is important
that we better understand what He actually sacrificed for us. This was not some
idle time in the flogging pit by a God Who didn’t really experience any pain
anyway. This was the most horrific beating a man could receive…and still
survive. He COULD have stopped it. He COULD have avoided it altogether. But He 
DIDN’T! And why? Because He…loves…us…that…much.

for stopping by- I pray you have a blessed day! Please make sure and come back
again tomorrow, and stick with Jesus!

     Tomorrow- Here We Go!

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