A Year’s Worth of Reflection

     I don’t know about you, but 2010 has been a pretty big year in my life and the lives of my family. Among the biggest things that happened to us involved our two boys. My oldest son graduated from college this spring. Wow! How did THAT happen? I swear it was just a few days ago that he was a pre-schooler, running around pretending to be a superhero. Now…he’s “all growed up”! We went from supporting him as he went through college (and PAYING for college!) to trying to schedule times when he can come home for the weekend or we can go and see him. It’s hard to believe…and adjust to.

     So, if it were for our ” surprise  miracle” younger son (who was prayed into existence, as I have shared in the past), we would be empty-nesters…and BOY and I glad we aren’t. Otherwise, we would have never had the joy of a 2nd child! His life changed radically this year as he entered Middle School. (If you don’t think that’s a BIG change…you haven’t had anybody IN Middle School for a while!) He’s NOT a little kid anymore, being walked into school every day. Instead, he’s this tall, long-haired…manchild who says “Love ya'” as he bounces out of the car every morning. He started playing the trumpet this year (in our house, you HAVE to play an instrument- we don’t care which one, but you have to play something!), so that has changed our routine. He also started running cross country, which started out as a good thing and quickly became the hardest thing he’s ever done! He developed tendinitis on BOTH knees and had to “limp” through the rest of the season while taking rigorous physical therapy twice a week for 6 weeks! He also developed substantial allergies in the midst of everything else and had to go through a battery of blood tests to find out the root cause…we’re still struggling with that one!
     My wife and I both have aging parents who continue to struggle with a variety of health issues, so that has changed MANY dynamics in our household! Church work gets more demanding…and more rewarding…every day, and in the midst of it all, I have never been more sure of God’s call on my life!
     What has your year been like? Did you have a super fantastic awesome year…or was this one you would just as soon forget? If you had a great year, I am delighted for you! Celebrate that and pray that God will help you have another great year in 2011. If you did NOT have such a great 2010, I’m sorry. My suggestion would be to review the year, see what you can learn from the trials and tribulations, and pray that God will give you the strength and the courage to put those troubles behind you and start the new year fresh! You deserve it!
     Thanks for stopping by- I pray you have a blessed day! Please make sure and come back again tomorrow, and stick with Jesus!

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