Intentional Faith Development- Day 3

     It was 1980- Spring to be exact. I was a Freshman at a small university in central Illinois. I was an acting major. (YEP, that’s right…I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting, thank you very much! In fact, I graduated with Honors! Graduating with Honors in acting AND 75 cents will buy you a Coke from most machines in the country!! I’m just sayin’!) We weren’t allowed to audition for “regular” shows as freshman, but there was this Senior who decided to direct a production of Godspell as her degree project. It was NOT a “regular” production, so I could audition…and I did…and I got cast. Problem? It’s a musical. You’re saying, “Yeah? So what?” Well…up to that point I had never…let me repeat that…NEVER sung in public before! Awww, snap! But I LOVED the show, so I was determined to be in it. 

     Once I was in the show, we had to find a song I could do. Sadly, I didn’t know how to read vocal music! I was ALL OVER instrumental sheet music, but I couldn’t tell my A flat from a hole in the ground! Eventually, we found a song that worked for me, I learned it by ear, and it came off great in the show! (At least that’s the way I remember it!) 
     One of the songs from that show (perhaps the best know song) is Day By Day. The song encourages those who hear it to make loving and following God a daily undertaking. At the heart of those lyrics is the notion that a relationship with the Creator needs to be intentional and ongoing. Intentional faith development is necessary if we are to deepen and strengthen our relationship with God. It won’t happen in a vacuum- we have to be intentional in our efforts. What do YOU do on a daily basis to deepen your relationship with God? I encourage you to be intentional about that- make sure that you daily make an effort to further your faith journey!
     Thanks for stopping by- I pray you have a blessed day! Please make sure and stop by again tomorrow, and stick with Jesus!

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