Don’t Play With Fire!

     Johnny’s preschool class went on a field trip to the local fire station. The firefighter giving the presentation held up a smoke detector and asked the class: “Does anyone know what this is?” Johnny’s hand shot up and the firefighter called on him.”You know what this is?”  “Yes! That tells Mommy when supper’s ready!”

     We are in the 3rd week of our current sermon series, Things Your Parents Said. The 1st week we looked at “Wear Clean Underwear”. Last week we looked at “You’ll PutYour Eye Out”. Today, as we have every week, I offer you two “old standards” before we get to the topic at hand. Do you remember this? “You gotta eat a peck of dirt before you die.” I don’t know about you, but I thought that was a horrible one! I envisioned having to sit out in the barn lot with a spoon, grimacing and trying to figure out exactly what a peck was! What about this one? “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” On the TV show Cheers, Frazier offers this one up to his cronies sitting around the bar. Woody, never known as the sharpest tool in the shed but often the deliverer of homespun wisdom replied, “Well Dr. Crane, you may catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but you catch the most with a dead squirrel!” Now to the topic at hand- Don’t Play With Fire! Do you remember when your mom or dad said that? I learned the HARD way why they say it. I was about 8 years old…and mom and dad were at work! NOT a good combination! I was watching TV (black and white, as large as a couch, full of tubes!) and sitting next to me was…a cigarette lighter. (Both my parents smoked!) I looked at it, then looked at the paper sticking out of the trash can across the room and thought, “Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if…!” Well, the next thing you know, the plastic trashcan was in flames! And we ALL know what happens when you blow on a fire that is too big…that’s right, it gets BIGGER! I managed to get some water and put it out, but the trash can was ruined. AMAZINGLY the carpet wasn’t hurt. But suffice it to say- that day I learned that the wrath of God is swift and comes from the right! Fire can burn to be sure…but it also has a great capacity to bring about change! 
     Acts 2:1-4- “When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.”
     3 prospectors found a rich vein of gold duringthe California gold rush. They realized what a great discovery they had and decided they couldn’t let anyone else know about it, so they agreed to keep it a secret. They headed into town to get the necessary equipment, then headed back to their find. But much to their surprise and dismay, a crowd followed them. How did everybody know? They hadn’t told a single person. The truth is…the expressions on their faces gave them away. Their faces were glowing with the anticipation of the wealth that would be theirs. People who saw them knew they had found something special.  
     The anniversary ofJesus’ birth happens and the world pauses to celebrate Christmas. The anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection happens and much of the world pauses to celebrate Easter. But today is a special day…and hardly anyone even knows it. Today is the anniversary of the birth of the church, and we celebrate Pentecost. It’s NO coincidence that this watershed event happened when it did.The Feast of Pentecost was an agricultural festival- the Jewish people were together fifty days after Passover to celebrate the harvest. Jewish people fromall over the Empire gathered in Jerusalem at Pentecost. God KNEW that- and chose this day to send the Holy Spirit to visit those gathered…and change the world. 
     A motivational speaker was asked to describe his most difficult speech. He explained that it was when he spoke at a national Funeral Directors convention. His topic was to explain to them how to look sad…during a $20,000funeral! When there’s joy inside of you, it’s really hard to keep it from showing! At Pentecost, the early Christians realized the unspeakable joy of Jesus Christ, and everybody could tell by the looks on their faces. Think about it- these early Christians hear the Good News about Jesus Christ on the day of Pentecost…and 3,000 people joined the Church that day. The people had repented of their sins, they’d been baptized, they’d been redeemed and they’d been given the gift of the Holy Spirit. And suddenly they’re a part of something new…something wonderful. They’ve left behind a world of slavery and superstition, of selfishness, greed and dishonesty. And now they’re part of this new, incredible fellowship where they can be a part of something so much bigger than themselves, something different from anything else they’d ever experienced. Their numbers grew quickly as the Church spread throughout Jerusalem and beyond. 
     Pentecost was a”once in history” event- the day the Church was born. Pentecost teaches us that the Church was created, NOT by people, but by…God. Pentecost teaches us that the Church offers a fellowship that is unique in theworld. Pentecost invites us to be a part of the fellowship the Church offers. Pentecost can be summed up in that one word- change. The disciples changed, the 3000 gathered changed, and we can change, too…as a result of Pentecost. Pentecost tells us that the Church is called to be wholly other. We are to be an oasis in the middle of the desert, a shade tree on a hot summer day, a cup of cool water when you’re thirsty, a place of acceptance. Pentecost changed the lives of the people closest to Jesus. The disciples were…confused about a lot of things…even more so after Jesus’ death. They were just…hanging out, waiting for something to happen. But at Pentecost, the disciples were no longer confused. They were no longer timid. Look at Peter – two months earlier he was so confused and afraid that he actually denied Jesus three times. Now he’s speaking to the gathered crowd with a confidence and understanding that he never had before.
     Many Christians todayare like those disciples before Pentecost – confused, weak, timid. But like them, the Holy Spirit comes to us, to change us. But many folks don’t think they even NEED to change. A lot of folks are Christians, but still have sinful habits they don’t want to get rid of, still completely misunderstand what God is telling them, still have moments when they fail to share their faith because they’re too timid. It’s true that we are Christians, but we still need to change. They still need to become the people God wants them to be. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? God is interested in change. God is interested in changing YOU. When we look at Pentecost, we see God changing people’s lives. This morning, if you’re lonely, or tired, or feeling taken advantage of, then know that you are NOT alone. Know that you can come to Church and just be yourself…warts and all. Know that because of Pentecost, the Church is called to be a place where we can find love and acceptance, where we can be the family of God.
     Most institutions are primarily interested in what you can give them. But the Church, at Its best, is primarily interested in what they can give to you. The Church, at Its best, is where you can hear the truth, be ministered to, have your spiritual needs met. And experience the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in the business of changing people. As the Holy Spirit changes you, the Holy Spirit strengthens your faith, increases your love for Jesus and increases your love for others. That’s what the Holy Spirit does. It was done miraculously on that first Pentecost. And it’s still being done today. So, if change is what Pentecost is about, then how do we change? Well, you can’t do it by trying to become a better person. That’s like trying to fix your car by becoming a better driver. When your car doesn’t work, You need someone to fix it for you. When your faith isn’t complete, you also need someone to fix it for you- and that someone is the Holy Spirit. Now,the Holy Spirit may NOT come to you in a rushing wind and tongues of fire. The Holy Spirit might instead come to you in prayer, or in nature, or in the hearing of the Word. 
     Why is red the color of Pentecost? Well, there are a variety of reasons. Red issymbolic of Jesus’ blood, shed for our sins. Red also reminds us of the tongues of fire that descended on Pentecost. And red reminds us of that fire of faiththat burns inside us, a gift from the Holy Spirit. That fire burns away theselfishness and confusion. That fire ignites the faith, fuels the trust andlove for Jesus. Do you want to be more confident? Do you want to be more at peace? Do you want to be less confused about the Bible, about life? Do you want to be able to share your faith more naturally, more confidently? Do you want to be able to live the way God wants you to live? Do you want to change your world for the better? Pentecost is all about change. Today, pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in you, to change you, to fan the fire that burns in each one of us.
     Thanks for stopping by- I pray you have a blessed Sunday! Please make sure and stop by tomorrow, and stick with Jesus!

Federal Investigator!

     I recently had an appointment with…a Federal Investigator! A former parishioner has applied for a job that requires Federal security clearance, so this gentleman is doing a background check and I was listed as a reference. When the gentleman called me to set up the appointment, he sounded like he was about 16 years old! I made the appointment for a couple of days later. That day, he showed up about 4 minutes early, with a freshly pressed and creased pair of pants, a freshly starched white dress shirt and right smart tie! He was much more “business” in person than on the phone, sounding and acting like a…grown up! He showed me the badge (I wonder if they EVER tire of that- it seems it would be pretty cool to be able to flash a badge!) and explained that our conversation was subject to the Privacy Act. I nodded and smiled…as if I actually knew what that meant! (Oh well!)

     He then proceeded to ask me questions about the former parishioner in question. They were pretty much exactly the kinds of questions you would expect to be asked in that circumstance. And frankly, I gave pretty much exactly the kinds of answers one would expect, too! (I was fortunate that this particular former parishioner was easy to say good things about- I have had SOME…well…don’t get me started!) He asked the questions he wanted to ask, thanked me for my time and went on his merry way…all in about 8 minutes! (Pretty simple, all in all!) 
     As I thought through the meeting, one question continued to run through my head- what would people say if they were visited by a Federal Investigator and asked about ME?! I mean, you may…fudge…a bit if you are offering a job reference to friend’s potential employer- focusing on the good things about them while conveniently omitting the wild Bahamian drinking spree during Spring Break! (And NO…I have NEVER been to the Bahamas!) But when talking to a…GULP…Federal Investigator…well, fudging seems out of the question! “Just the facts, ma’am!”
     So what do you think people would say about YOU in that setting? Would they be kind? Honest? Could they be both at the same time? It seems to be the same basic question as what will God say about you when you stand before him on Judgement Day. (Now THERE’S a sobering thought, eh?!) What is the HONEST, unadulterated truth about YOU? If it were known, would you be proud of it…or embarrassed by it? Now, don’t get me wrong- we ALL do things we aren’t proud of, things we regret. But what would your “life story” read like, if it were printed in its purest form? Well, let me tell you this- no matter WHAT your life story is like…2 things are true: 1. it is NEVER too late to “re-write the story”, as it were, and 2. God is all about forgiveness! I don’t know about you, but I find that AMAZINGLY hopefully- God forgives us, regardless of who we’ve been or what we’ve done. All we have to do is SINCERELY (and that IS a key word) ask God for forgiveness. Amazing, isn’t it? 
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Hard-Headed Determination

     I take the dog out EVERY morning…about 6:30AM. Within a few minutes either way, you could pretty much set your watch by it. I get up, get the dog’s bed and take it into the the living room (she SUCH a cupcake!), use “the little pastor’s room”, then put her on the leash (she’s a very spirited black lab-English pointer mix and runs off if she get loose outside!) and take her out for her “morning constitutional”. (Do you like all the euphemisms for “bathroom” being thrown about?!) Yesterday, as I stood out in the dewy-wet morning grass, trying to fully wake up and wishing I had about another hour in bed, I heard something. And unlike some sounds you hear that you can’t immediately identify, this sound was EASY to place- it was CLEARLY a woodpecker, rat-a-tat-tatting its way through the quiet morning. 

     I quickly figured out that he (I have NO idea why I assumed it was a he, other than the fact that “he” was beating his head against a tree– sounded like something I’d do!) was in the tree closest to me, so I began to look for him. At first, I couldn’t find him. I could HEAR him…NO problem (I’m fairly sure the neighbors could hear him from inside their houses!), but I couldn’t find him. Then, I noticed a relatively dead branch sticking almost straight up, right in the center of the tree. I followed that branch skyward with my eyes, and lo and behold- there he was. Perched on the side of the branch, near the top, was this relatively small woodpecker, and he was “tearin’ it up”, as they say! He was trying his best to make mincemeat of that tree branch in hopes of finding breakfast. 
     As I watched him, my first thought was, “What a hard head he must have to sustain that kind of constant jarring impact! Wouldn’t it be easier to find bugs on the ground? I have NO problem finding them when I’m ON the ground!” But then I thought more about what he was actually doing, and a grudging admiration for this little bird began to grow in me. Think about it for a moment- he has a goal…to find food. And millenia of training, genetics and specialization have taught him that the best way for that to happen is to bore holes in trees and dig his crawling breakfast out. So, with great determination, he finds a suitable tree…and begins excavating. Using his face like a jackhammer, he digs and digs. Sometimes, he finds the “breakfast mother lode” and chows down. And sometimes he finds…nothing. And when he finds nothing, what does he do? He “screws his courage to the sticking place” to quote that great theologian Lady Macbeth and moves to a new spot- momentarily thwarted but completely undeterred. And he will KEEP moving spots until he achieves his goal. 
     I wonder how much we could learn from that level of tenacity. I wonder what kind of world this would be if we all dug our heels in a bit deeper when we meet with obstacles. I wonder what it would be like if we all refused to so often take the easy road, the path of least resistance, and instead took “the high ground” more often. Next time you hit a snag in your plan, think of the woodpecker…and be a bit more hard-headed!
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We Threw a Party…And Nobody Came!

     There is a new “initiative” in my town- a small group of doctors, along with a small group of pastors AND the mayor, are trying to put into motion a health initiative that is focused on certain basic approaches aimed at improving the quality of life, even extending life. The idea is to combine sound preventative medicine with spiritual support. It is being offered to the community “at no charge”. (The mayor doesn’t really like to use the word “free”!) Those of us involved in it are very excited about the possibilities and really believe that is can be extremely beneficial to the community as a whole. BUT…we have to get that very same community on board with it before anything else can happen. And that brings me to Tuesday night!

     Tuesday night was to be the “maiden voyage” of Phase One of this project. The idea was to begin with seminars/town hall meetings…call them what you will. We would invite people to one of the local churches, where they would get to hear from  the doctors involved, the pastor(s) involved, and the mayor. They would see a united front from leaders of the community AND get an overview of the program- what it is and how it could benefit them and their families. I volunteered my church to be the location for this 1st meeting. We advertised it in the local newspaper. We advertised it in the church bulletin. We advertised it on the big “changeable letter” sign out in our parking lot. We were offering NOT only the overview of the program BUT some singing, the ONLY (I think) “ventriloquist/oncologist in North America, a singing doctor, a juggling preacher…I mean to tell you…we were loaded for BEAR! We invited folks. We even offered free childcare, courtesy of my church! The event was to begin at 6:30PM, so we arrived about 5:45PM to set up. I set up the sound system, the computer and the project for the presentation that was to follow. The doctors got their notes ready (as well as tuning up their ukeleles and prepping their ventriloquist dummies!), the mayor looked over his notes, the nursery worker got her space ready. We were SET. And then…we sat back and braced for the onslaught!
     We figured folks would start arriving at 6:20PM. Well, 6:20 came and went…with no people. 6:25 came and went. 6:30 came and went. So did 6:35. And 6:40. And 6:45. Finally, at 6:47PM, we all allowed as how it appeared no one was coming! Let me be clear- THAT was NOT the great part of the evening. Not by a LONG shot! No, the great part of the evening came immediately after that, when we began to talk about…things. And it was the great part because the unanimous agreement was that this was NOT the crushing end of our dream. Instead, it was a somewhat ignominious beginning. None of us (“braced for the onslaught” notwithstanding) really thought many people would come out this 1st time- it was too new and too…radical…to start with a bang. (And if we only expected a small handful…well…we weren’t off by MUCH!) We spent the next 20 minutes or so regrouping, re-imagining how we could better reach our intended audience, and re-committing to the process as a whole. And then, after I prayed for the group and its mission, we headed on our merry ways, surprisingly upbeat for such an inauspicious beginning!
     I LOVE what I call “the pioneer spirit”- that spirit that has been exemplified by this nation in countless ways over the past 200+ years. I love it when I see folks hit a roadblock, and instead of giving up and turning around, they get out, MOVE the roadblock, and keep going! That’s not only the foundation upon which this country rests, but it is the foundation upon which Christianity rests as well! If the early Christians had given up when the going got tough, I would certainly NOT be sitting at my computer right now writing a daily blog called Stick With Jesus! But they DIDN’T give up, they DIDN’T quit, they DIDN’T throw in the towel. They dug their heels in and pushed a bit harder. 
     When you feel discouraged or defeated by something that didn’t do the way you planned, take a step back, look at the “big picture”, and then take another run at it. Very few people succeed with the 1st try. (How many times did Thomas Edison try to make a light bulb before he succeeded?) Don’t give up…or to quote those famous theologians REO Speedwagon…keep pushin”!  Thanks for stopping by- I pray you have a blessed day! Please make sure and stop by again tomorrow, and stick with Jesus!

A Spiritual Gear-Shifter

     I live in s small town. Well, actually, it’s NOT really even a town. TECHNICALLY, it’s a VILLAGE. (And we ALL know that it takes one to raise a child, at least according to Hillary Clinton!) In our town…excuse me…village…we don’t have Rush Hour. Instead, we have what our mayor calls “Rush 5 Minutes”! Well, recently I was caught in the veritable ONSLAUGHT that IS the Rush 5 Minutes, and as such, I had a whole extra 2-3 minutes to think…and examine life! But…I didn’t! Instead, I began to ponder, of all things, the shift level that is on the steering column of our 2002 Ford Windstar. (I REALLY need a hobby, don’t I?!) As I pondered it, it dawned on me (I mean, I’ve only had the car EIGHT years…why would you think I would have noticed it sooner?!) that the shift lever on my “soccer mom” van is much like our faith! (And you can STOP rolling your eyes…I’ll get there eventually!) 

     On my shift lever, it offers 6 potential choices: Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, 1 and 2. And I realized that those are really the same choices we as Christians have about faith and our involvement in, commitment to, it. Think about it. If you shift your spiritual journey into “Park”, you are not only NOT moving…you have no HOPE of moving, even by accident or outside forces. You are saying, in essence, “Here I am. I have no interest in going anywhere in my faith- I’m comfortable and happy where I am!” Now, if you move your spiritual gear shifter to Reverse…well…you’re going the wrong way. You are not only NOT gaining ground…you’re losing ground. If you move it to Neutral, you are NOT moving forward…but you’re also NOT moving backward. AND…you at least have the potential to move, either by accident or outside force. If you put your shifter on “1”, you ARE moving forward, but BOY are you moving slowly. It’s VERY safe, VERY precise, VERY secure. And NOT very satisfying. You CANNOT go above a certain speed…regardless. If you put that shifter on “2”, then you’re moving faster than you were on “1”…but NOT much. There is still a lot of caution and uncertainty about your movement. 
      Obviously, I have been moving all along to where I think your shifter should be- Drive. When your spiritual life is in Drive, you are A. not parked, B. moving, C. moving the right direction…forward, and D. not intentionally inhibiting your progress. Instead, you are putting yourself in the position to have the best chance to flourish in your faith walk. And I don’t know about you, but I figure ANYTHING I can do to increase my chances for success spiritually…I’m all over it!
     I often see people try to compare themselves to another Christian they know, and they often choose someone who makes their journey seem somewhat less than positive. For me, the bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter WHERE in the journey you are. Of COURSE some folks will be farther along the journey than you, just like some will be behind you. What really matters is NOT where you are on the journey, but instead which direction you’re headed. If you are in Park, Reverse or Neutral…you’re NOT headed the right way. If you’re in 1 or 2, you are certainly headed the right way…just not as strongly as you could be. If you are in Drive, I encourage you to pray for the courage to put the pedal to the floor, give it your all and see what God can do FOR you, IN you, and THROUGH you!
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How Do YOU Worship?

     As I clearly (and proudly) state as a function of this blog, I am a United Methodist minister. And us United Methodists are infamous for being rather…shall we say…RESERVED…in our worship style! I have a preacher friend from a another denomination who I once heard say, after a worship service, “That was really a spirited service! I actually saw one of my Methodist brothers take ONE hand out of his pocket!” While that understanding of “us Methodists” is painting with a rather broad brush…there is more than a kernel of truth behind it!! 

     Just this past Sunday, I performed a baptism at one of the morning worship services. I baptized their older son a while back, and Sunday I got to baptize their youngest son. (By the way, point of order- after 13 years of ministry and a BUNCH of baptisms, I had NEVER had a child cry during the actual baptism. I can now say that…my streak is intact!) The family of the little boy being baptized brought lots of extended family with them (always a GOOD thing!), and they participated in the baptism specifically, as well as the worship service in general. 
     There was a little blonde-headed girl (we’ll call her Peyton) who was part of this extended family. During the last song, her mom was standing and holding her while everybody sang. As the sound was dying away from that song, little Peyton started clapping…something that RARELY happens in Methodist circles. Most people kind of chuckled, while a few folk looked a bit startled and “mom” looked a bit embarrassed. The Associate Pastor gave the closing prayer, and before I gave the blessing (which, for me, is ALWAYS the Irish Blessing), I pointed at the little girl and asked, “What’s her name?” The mom looked at me as if to say, “Oh dear Lord, I’m sorry she clapped!” and said, “Her…name?” “Yeah…her name. What’s her name?” Mom looked at me for a second and responded, “Peyton.” I then turned to the congregation and said, “Peyton CLAPPED in response to a praise and worship song…I LIKE Peyton!!” 
     How do YOU worship? Do you lean toward the more “Methodist” style- a bit reserved…heart-felt, to be sure, but reserved nonetheless? Maybe you’re a highly liturgical, traditional type of person. Or perhaps you’re a bit more…demonstrative…moving with the music, clapping, throwing out the occasional “amen” in response to something the preacher said. Maybe you’re a full-blown “let it all hang out” kind of worshipper- singing like no one’s listening and dancing like no one’s there. Or maybe you are somewhere in the middle of all that. No matter where you fall on that scale- guess what? That’s perfectly fine! My experience is that, no matter what style of worship you are most comfortable with, there is a church and a congregation that is a good fit for you. Some churches, like mine, offer a variety of styles. Some focus on one particular style. So THIS church or THAT church might not be THE church for you…but SOME church will be! If you have a church home…good on ‘ya! Keep on being a strong supporter of your pastor and the ministries your church supports. But if you haven’t found the right fit yet- don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to keep “church shopping”- you WILL find the one that best fits you. And when you do, things will start to come alive for you! Try it…and let me know what you find!
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The Atheistic Agnostic Preacher

      I recently read an article in the Christian Post entitled Preachers Who Don’t Believe – The Scandal of Apostate Pastors. The gist of the article is that there is a surprisingly high number of clergy in this country who…don’t…believe…in…God. Let me say that again (more for my own benefit than yours)- they DON’T believe in God! As I read the article, I thought to myself, “How can this be?” How can ANYBODY stand up in the pulpit every Sunday and profess Jesus Christ as their Savior and NOT mean it? How can anybody lead worship of God and be pretending? 

     Let me say a few things here: I understand pretending. I was a actor before going into the ministry. I have a degree in Theatre. I have spent much of my life play-acting- pretending. No problem getting my head around that one. Also, I understand hating your job and having to “fake it to make it”. I have certainly had jobs that I hated. And I pretended to love them and be good at them because I needed them. No problem getting my head around that one either. I even understand folks who don’t believe in God. I know LOTS of people, many of them good, decent, hard-working folk, who, for a myriad of reasons, claim there is no God. I fully understand that. I don’t AGREE with it…but I was once there myself- I can get my head around it. 
     My problem lies in combining these three things into one person. If I work the “self check-out” lanes at Wal-Mart, I may have days when I have to fake liking my job, fake liking the people who come through. But my faking it THERE has no real effect on the customers- they go about their merry way regardless. But if I am in a position of authority, of influence, of trust…and I PRETEND to believe something that I am trying to get others to also believe in…there is GREAT potential harm to be found there. Imagine the damage that is to be done by this approach- to the members of the church where you work, to your family, to other clergy.
     Some of the “clergy” quoted in the article said basically that they continue the ruse for economic reasons- they need the job or cannot make as much money elsewhere. But where is the MORAL obligation here? The implication is that it’s perfectly OK to manipulate and lie to an entire group of people who TRUST you simply because the paycheck ain’t bad!! (And the oxymoronic value of that is NOT lost on me- NOBODY goes into preaching for the money!) The hypocrisy inherent in this construct is simply beyond my ability to fathom. If you don’t believe in God then OK for you…I’m sorry you haven’t had a genuine encounter with the Creator, but that’s your decision to make. But please, PLEASE don’t drag a congregation full of people down with you. 
     A pastor friend of mine, upon reading this article, replied, “I just vomited in my mouth after reading this!” And while that MAY be a bit more…direct…than I would tend to be, amen to Him! Pastors who don’t believe in God are like doctors who don’t believe in medicine…and I CERTAINLY don’t want one of them operating on me any time soon! If you are clergy and don’t believe in God…reconsider. I would LOVE to say reconsider your faith, but again- that’s your gig to decide. But AT LEAST reconsider your insistence to live a lie while collecting a paycheck from an unsuspecting congregation. 
     What do YOU think about all this? I would love to open some dialogue. If you have an opinion, simply post a comment just below this blog. Thanks for stopping by- I pray you have a blessed day. Please make sure and come back tomorrow, and stick with Jesus!