MonsterQuest Part Deux: the Rise of Chester

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the illusive, possibly mythical creature that seems to be roaming the hallowed halls of my church. Witnesses tell of strange noises, odd markings and signs, unearthly wails from behind the walls…OK…maybe I exaggerate JUST a bit! Bottom line is…we seem to have a squirrel in the building. While the building isn’t huge, it’s big enough and old enough that there are nearly an infinite number of nooks and crannys this thing could hide in! (By the way- have you ever wondered what a “cranny” is? I believe I understand the concept of “nook” just fine, but “cranny” escapes me!) So, yesterday, the custodian came to me (unknowing of what had happened, “critter-wise”, in the past few days) and told me that he thinks there’s an animal in the building. Turns out, a LARGE bag of unpopped popcorn in the basement was simply too much for this beast to pass up! Meanwhile, the animal control people are apparently busier than I would imagine, because I can’t get them to even return my calls, let alone come get this thing! (I’m considering naming the squirrel- Chester- and making him the church mascot! Perhaps we could incorporate him into our church logo! The slogan would be- ready?- “we’re nuts for Jesus”!) So now, I have a parishioner bringing a raccoon trap to the church that I get to bait and load! (They did NOT cover this in seminary! I want a partial tuition refund!) I pray that I catch the beast, but then I wonder…great, you’ve caught it- now what?!
     Life is just chocked FULL of little roadblocks and detours…isn’t it? You can either decide that God must have it in for you, pull the covers back over your head and never get up, OR you can see the humor in life, pull your self up by the bootstraps (frankly, MY boots HAVE no visible straps that I can see!), put one foot in front of the other, and tackle the day! Life is simply TOO short and TOO full of potential to waste it whining and moaning about the small stuff…and really, it’s almost ALL small stuff, isn’t it? Have a great day, subscribe to my blog, tell your friends about it, and stick with Jesus!

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