Porch Ninja

     I don’t know about where YOU are, but where I am…the leaves are already coming down. I could leaf-blow my driveway and front porch several times a day and still not make a dent! My 9-year old and I were walking from the car (OK- let’s be both honest AND precise here; NOT car but soccer mom van!) to the house yesterday. As we crossed the long front porch, with the leaves crunching underfoot no matter where you stepped, he said, “Dad, you sure couldn’t be a ninja on THIS porch right now!” I envisioned these highly trained ninjas, in full stealth mode, bypassing all the high-tech security at the secret installation…only to be thwarted by a ground cover of leaves! (Who’da thunk it?!) Fall is my favorite time of the year- the slight chill in the air, the beautiful colors on the trees (and porches!), the marvelous smells in the air. Fall, of course, is the time when the earth begins to enter “standby mode”- it begins to shut down non-essential systems in anticipation of the coming winter. Circle the wagons and hunker down, in other words. It’s OK for the earth to do that…but we shouldn’t follow suit. We look for so many excuses to not be as faithful to God as we need to be. “Well, summer is bad…we travel! And fall is bad, school’s back in session and the crops are coming in. And of course winter is bad, because…it’s WINTER. and Spring is bad because we want to get out and do things after that long winter! But other than those times…I’ll be faithful to God!” Is there a season I don’t know about? Was I asleep in Mrs. Nielson’s 2nd Grade Class the day we learned about that illusive but highly sought after 5th season? The seasons of our life (literally and figuratively) come and go, but God does not. God is constant…our commitment to God should be the same. A life lived in Jesus doesn’t have to be dull, boring, lifeless. It can be THE MOST dynamic thing you’ve ever experienced- beyond your wildest imagination (and as Han Solo says, “I dunno- I can imagine quite a bit!”) Thanks for reading my blog daily. Fill out the poll. Become a follower (it sounds so Jonestown-ish, doesn’t it?). Come back tomorrow. Tell a friend. have a great day! Stick with Jesus!

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